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Technical Consulting

Guidance and Expert Advice

Evaluate Providers

Looking to hire a development agency or individual contractor and not sure how to evluate them? I can help you evaluate both the skills and cost of potential providers.

Web Development Scoping

With years of experience leading and building development teams I can provide you with guidance to help you accurately plan and scope web development projects.

Mobile & Platform Scoping

I have experience launching applications on iOS, Android, Roku and Game Consoles. For any platform there are guidelines to help scope and estimate projects.

Distributed Systems

Modern applications rely on distributed computing, let me help you figure out your needs.

At Scale

I've built and scaled consumer products up to millions of users I can help you understand what it takes.


What we've been building.

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Hi I'm Paul, the man behind Comet Coast Software.

Paul Crawford


For the last 6 years I've been working as a technology leader for a consumer software company in the Fitness and Nutrition space. In that time I've scaled web applications to millions of users and shipped apps on platforms such as PS3, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Android, iOS and Roku.

Comet Coast Software is my effort to experiment with software products and to offer consulting services based on my experience with consumer software.

I can provide you with guidance on how to hire the right people, how to judge quality and cost of potential software work and how to evaluate technology partnerships.

My background is in Computer Science and Software development, I've worked professionally as a Web Developer, Mobile/iOS Developer, Team Lead, Director and Senior Technology Executive.

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